2023 Listrak Cross-Channel Benchmark Report

2023 Listrak Cross-Channel Benchmark Report

Jan 2022 – Dec 2022 Listrak Data

Economic uncertainties are affecting both retailers and consumers today. Listrak's Cross-Channel Benchmark Report looks back at 2022 and helps uncover today's biggest opportunities for engagement, loyalty, and revenue growth in Email and Text Message Marketing.

Download our report and get average Clickthrough Rates, Conversion Rates, and Revenue Per Send for both Email and Text Message Marketing across 11 marketing campaigns critical to retailers. Then deep dive through 21 ecommerce verticals to identify your specific baselines.

In this detailed report, our experts share:

  • What key action results in a 30% increase in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for retailers
  • Which previously overlooked channel is making a comeback
  • What retailers need to do (right now) to prepare for the 2023 Holiday Season
  • How retailers can get over $2.00 per send on email (*hint: use two crucial campaigns)
  • Which campaign is now "table stakes" across email and SMS

And much more.

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