Behavioral Based Triggers

From browse and engagement activity to purchase and lifecycle events, there are countless indicators pointing to where the customer is in their unique journey. Listrak will listen and respond to these individual consumer signals of intent, translating them into actionable touchpoints of communication for maximum impact.

Abandonment Messaging Suite

Listrak’s Abandonment Messaging Suite allows you to deliver strategically-timed personalized messages that re-engage active shoppers and nurture them forward to capture otherwise lost revenue.

Browse Abandon and Shopping Cart Abandon messages combine behavioral signals and predictive algorithms to deliver impactful messages that extend engagement and optimize the opportunity for conversion.

Easily incorporate predictive content, intelligent recommendations, and ratings and reviews to deliver highly-personalized interactions that maximize sales and loyalty.

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messages include

Cart Recovery

Automatically re-engage form or cart abandoners with contextually relevant, triggered messages designed to drive conversions.

Browse Recovery

Extend your reach across the conversion funnel by re-engaging site visitors that leave before reaching the checkout page.

At JEGS Performance Automotive, speed is everything — both on the track and off… After three years with another marketing platform, we switched to Listrak and saw a 700% increase in revenue — in less than 90 days.
Jeff Hennion

Welcome Series

One of your most impactful triggered email campaigns as it leaves your brand's first impression in the email channel. Make the most of this opportunity by personally engaging each subscriber with content curated to their interests. With Listrak, you can build an effective welcome series that keeps subscribers interacting with your brand.

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Launched and optimized triggered campaigns to engage across the customer journey

“I’ve been very impressed with the speed of innovation and continual investment into the platform. The tool itself is powerful and the people we work with go above and beyond to make us feel supported.”
Josh Michael, Digital Marketing Manager
Email revenue growth
Email revenue from triggered campaigns

Robert Graham

Focusing on "Collector" Loyalty, Robert Graham Boasts 33% of Total eCommerce Revenue from Email Marketing

“Listrak gives us the flexibility and creativity we need – and it's working. The collaborative partnership, coupled with the kind of service that a client dreams of, is what makes Listrak stand out!
Naomi Holland, VP Marketing
Conversion Rate
Post Purchase Campaign
Conversion Rate
Shopping Cart Remarketing Campaign

Lifecycle Management

Nurture consumers and increase their lifetime values through contextually relevant messages that are personalized to each recipient. Our data-driven, consumer-centric approach predicts likely purchase behavior and uses machine learning to adjust results in real-time. Trigger campaigns designed to increase loyalty, prevent lapsed buying behavior, and re-engage consumers that represent the most value to your brand. Message elements, such as ratings and reviews and offers, can be applied as needed to increase conversions while maximizing ROI.

messages include


Automatically reach back to customers that purchased consumable products when it is time to replenish their merchandise.

Review Request

User generated content adds trust and authenticity to your messages, influencing purchase decisions at the right point in the sales cycle.


Less than half of subscribers on an email list have converted, on average, which makes re-engaging non-purchasers so important.


Keep consumers engaged after a conversion by sending personalized messages designed to convert again.


Automatically reach back to consumers that haven't converted in a set amount of time.

Product Alert Suite

Shoppers express interest in specific merchandise by browsing product pages. With Listrak’s Alerts Suite you can automatically notify these shoppers, who are the most likely to purchase, when merchandise SKUs change based on inventory levels or price. Adding strategic product alerts like these will boost revenue and engagement.

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messages include

Back in Stock

Automatically notify site visitors who browsed a product page but the item (or variant SKU) was out of stock when the item becomes available for purchase. Additional messages include opt-in confirmation, reminder and discontinued notification if the item is no longer available.

28% - Average conversion rate
$7.22 – Revenue per email sent

Price Drop

Automatically notify site visitors who browsed a product page but didn’t purchase when the price in the product catalog has been reduced.

10% - Average conversion rate
$1.10 – Revenue per email sent

Low Inventory Alerts

Automatically notify site visitors who browsed a product page but didn’t purchase when the inventory level in the product catalog reaches a specific threshold.

6% - Average conversion rate
$5.75 – Revenue per email sent

Transactional Email

Consumers just don't open and read their transactional emails, they keep them and refer to them often. Make the most of this engagement by delivering messages that are designed to keep consumers interacting and converting. Messages can include personalized content and product recommendations that are populated in real-time, ensuring they are up-to-date each time the recipient opens the message.

messages include


E-Receipts give you the opportunity to acquire email addresses from your physical locations, bridging the gap between the in-store and online experience, while providing another opportunity for conversion.

Order Confirmation

Over 90% of second sales occur within three days of the first purchase. Automatically deliver the email that customers want and expect, and personalize it to keep them shopping.

Shipping Confirmation

Alert your customers when merchandise leaves your warehouse, and personalize messages with personalized product recommendations to generate an additional sale.

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