Programmatic marketing, simply stated, uses technology and data to automate the banner ad buying process. It is an incredibly complex process, but with the right technology in place, ads can not only be personalized to each visitor, but can add incremental revenue to your bottom line. This whitepaper contains the information you need to get started with programmatic marketing, including definitions, strategies, testing and reporting. This guide offers tips and information that will be helpful if you are just getting started with programmatic marketing or if you are currently using this form of advertising as you’ll learn the most up-to-date and effective ways to engage your audience.

Download this whitepaper to learn how our solution will:

• Prove incremental lift by accurately and transparently reporting attribution

• Show how many site visitors would have returned to the site to purchase on their own

• Visualize the efficacy of ads at different stages of the funnel

• Present a list of sites where the ads appear and report on which sites are most effective

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