A Marketing Platform Selection Supplement

It’s That Time of Year

These are the months when many e-commerce and marketing executives set out on quests to upgrade their marketing technology. But we all know colleagues across the industry who have run a “comprehensive” selection process only to have their new “upgrade” vendor turn out to be a lateral move (or even worse, a downgrade). This is not an ideal approach to achieving your stretch goals, keeping your boss happy, or advancing your career.

The Question is, Why?

The answer is too many “comprehensive” selections fail to ask the right questions. Almost every selection process is laden with lists of “must-have” features and functionality, questions about scalability, and other boilerplate RFP criteria… and yet somehow smart marketers make poor selection decisions. Something must be missing.

Some Tips, Advice, and Questions to Ask

We see hundreds of evaluations every year and unfortunately witness some of the phenomena mentioned above. So, to help you avoid the same, we asked some of our clients and practitioners to provide their advice for making your next selection successful.

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