What Listrak Can Do for Your Business, According to Forrester – Part I

In their recent Total Economic Impact (TEI) report, Forrester outlined the proven benefits of Listrak’s single, integrated customer data platform. Their study, which closely examined the experiences of real Listrak clients, found an array of exciting potential benefits over a three-year partnership with Listrak. 

This two-part blog series will examine the potential benefits Forrester uncovered, starting with revenue growth. According to the calculations of Forrester’s data experts, a company similar to those interviewed could expect a 45% increase in email revenue and a 40% increase in SMS revenue. Understanding how we create these powerful results can help you decide if Listrak is the right solution to grow your business.

How Listrak Increases Email Revenue

Benefit #1: Unified Data. Client interviewees reported being frustrated by other marketing solutions due to siloed data that made it difficult to orchestrate messaging across channels and measure cross-channel performance. By switching to Listrak and using insights from Listrak’s Revenue Gap Index (RGI) reports, the clients were able to create (and continually optimize) better-performing email campaigns.

Benefit #2: Data Tools. Making use of unified data through Listrak’s robust behavioral reporting and data analysis tools was cited by client interviewees as key to their success. With Listrak, clients have in-depth customer information at their fingertips, empowering them to understand and connect meaningfully with consumers. By using this data to deploy the right messaging at the right time, clients can improve on metrics at all stages of the customer journey: subscription rates, open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Benefit #3: Comprehensive Send Strategy. Listrak users are empowered to create a seamless email strategy that combines broadcast and triggered campaigns with pinpoint targeting for optimal customer engagement. They are also able to better control and monitor important factors like cadence, relevance, and deliverability.

How Listrak Increases SMS Revenue

Benefit #1: Integrated Solution. Interviewees noted that having a single platform for email and SMS enabled them to optimize across their entire portfolios rather than struggle to make sense of separate but overlapping tools. Those who did not have an SMS program before Listrak were able to increase engagement within their overall customer lists by ensuring that they were connecting through customers’ preferred channels.

Benefit #2: Behavioral Triggers. Listrak enables highly personalized SMS messaging prompted by behavioral triggers. The appeal of these targeted, timely messages increases open rates and, ultimately, revenue. As one client noted, 60-80% of their organization’s SMS revenue came from behavioral triggers.

Benefit #3: Subscription Health Reporting. With Listrak’s granular behavioral data, clients are able to understand when and why a customer unsubscribes or is at risk of unsubscribing. These analysis capabilities make it easier for clients to improve unsubscribe rates. One interviewee gave an example: “[B]efore working with Listrak, we didn’t understand why our customers were unsubscribing during a promotion period when we were offering them a really generous percentage off. And so, with Listrak and the list health reporting section, we were able to understand and actually mitigate unsubs, and we actually improved our unsub rates during that same promotional time period.”

Crunching The Numbers

By using data from the interviewed clients to create a composite organization, Forrester was able to project expected results for email and SMS over three years with Listrak. As noted above, these calculations estimated a 45% increase in email revenue and a 40% increase in SMS revenue for clients.

Though crucial, revenue growth isn’t the only Listrak benefit found by Forrester. In Part II, we’ll examine the savings Listrak clients enjoy, both in terms of solution cost and team time and effort. You can also download the full Total Economic Impact of Listrak report here.

Ready to learn how Listrak can grow your revenue like the clients mentioned above? Reach out today to get started!

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