A tactic that can really help your message stand out in an over-crowded email inbox is to use special characters in the subject line.

Listrak 5.2 gives you the ability to add the characters easily using a drop down menu:

But, before you start adding them to every subject line, there are a few things you should know:

  1. Special characters work best if they start and end the subject line - that way they really stand out
  2. If the subject line doesn’t begin with the symbol, at least make sure it is within the first 20 characters to ensure it will be viewed on a mobile device
  3. You should never use different symbols in the same subject line
  4. Try to use the characters to replace words, don’t just add them to add them
  5. Some characters won’t render properly in every email client - be sure to test the subject lines first
  6. Don’t overuse them - they should be used to add emphasis in one or two emails per month - if you use them in every message you could look like a spammer
  7. Do an A/B split test to see if the subject lines boost the open and conversion rates
  8. Monitor deliverability of the messages
  9. Watch what your competitors are doing and be different - stars and snowflakes are common symbols used during the holidays
  10. Have fun and be creative with them

When used correctly, special characters in subject lines can boost open rates 10-15%. If you have any questions, let us know!

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