Two-Way SMS Conversations gives an efficient opportunity to connect your Mobile program subscribers with your Customer Service teams to answer questions, resolve issues, and address concerns in real-time. (Read our previous blog Two-Way SMS Conversations here). Now, with Listrak’s In-Platform Two-Way SMS Conversations Console, you, the marketer, can get in on the action and unlock even more insight into your customers!

How does it work?

Listrak’s In-Platform Two-Way SMS Conversations Console allows you to directly see inbound messaging from your subscribers without a separate chat API integration

Your marketing team can see the questions, feedback, or issues your Mobile subscriber’s text back to your short code. Unread messages are flagged for review, the chat list retains conversations for 30 days, and all message history is archived. You can reply to the subscriber directly through the tool as needed, and collect valuable data and details into what they’re interested in, having issues with, or asking questions about. 

What are some use cases for reviewing these messages?

Being able to access inbound messaging easily can help inform plans for your upcoming messaging calendars, merchandising, and more. Some examples are:

  1. Maybe you see a trend in asking about sizing or sizing issues – You can then work with the appropriate teams to update onsite sizing guides.
  1. Perhaps multiple customers are reporting package tracking issues – Your procurement or technical teams now have something to investigate.
  1. Suppose you notice many inbound questions related to order status. In that case, it can provide proof of concept for implementing a Transactional mobile program (Learn about Transactional SMS to Boost your engagement and ROI here.) or other automated campaign triggers.
  1. You can monitor non-Keyword-based requests for opt-outs and proactively remove them from your list.
  1. Any inbound texts to your short code that aren't recognized as active Keywords, Info Campaigns, or System Messages would trigger conversations within the tool, which often include things like:
  • Questions about redeeming a coupon
  • Clarification on terms of a sale
  • More details on order status
  • Help with sizing and SKU availability
  • Requests for nearest store and hours

Until now, by default, your HELP System Message is automatically sent back to the subscriber requesting they contact your customer service team via phone, email, or form. With Listrak's In-Platform Two-Way SMS Communication tool (and optional API integration), you see which messages should be immediately addressed in the channel, whether by your Marketing or Customer Support team. 

The overall benefits of this real-time, two-way engagement are tremendous and mutual. You’ll see increased customer satisfaction, fewer inbound calls to your call center, and the ability to nurture purchases. Plus the ability to review these messages removes team barriers and channel silos, a guaranteed benefit to your bottom line.

Are there any compliance considerations?

Quiet Hours per standard TCPA Mobile compliance rules for marketing messages apply, as do vertical-specific restrictions on age gating content. Your program name must also be included in your message, and “Standard message & data rates may apply” is required if your program is Canada provisioned. 

Also, you now have the option of disabling automated messaging if you’d like to own responding to all subscribers without the initial HELP System Message triggered for unrecognized inbound messaging. Remember, you still assume responsibility for responding to things like unsubscribe requests within the CTIA-required 24-hour window (your standard automated responses for inbound HELP and STOP keywords will continue to send based on those recognized inbound messages).

Always consult your legal team for clarifications on questions as needed.

When can I get started?

Listrak’s In-Platform Two-Way SMS Conversations Console is now automatically enabled for all Listrak SMS clients! You can access more information on how to view your inbound messages and reply to subscribers here. Of course, if you need additional support, please contact your Account Manager.

If you are not yet a Listrak SMS customer, let’s talk and start our partnership.

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