Increase Customer Satisfaction & Connect With Your Mobile Subscribers

We know that 90% of text messages are opened within just three minutes of delivery, and more and more consumers are signing up for Mobile marketing programs from their favorite retailers and brands every single day (Learn about acquisition tactics to grow your mobile list here). 

Not only is mobile marketing a great way for you as a marketer to promote your best sales and products, connect emotionally with your customers, and send pertinent order updates all via text (read more about this here), but there’s additional opportunity for your SMS program to answer immediate questions and resolve customer service issues in real-time…. through two-way SMS messaging.

How Does It Work?

Listrak’s Two-Way SMS Communication integration allows you to do just that with an efficient, open API that connects directly into your customer service communication platform. Once set up, any inbound question, feedback, or issue your Mobile subscriber’s text to your short code will be sent to your customer service team for them to reply back within the same line of communication – No need to collect more info or try to reach out in a different channel! And with using an API integration, there’s no need for customer service representatives to log into your marketing software platform or be in two places at once. They can easily reference existing tickets, create new ones, and send a text response back via API that delivers direct to the subscriber’s handset on your short code that they’re already familiar with.

What Are Some Use Cases For Application?

Any inbound texts to your short code that aren’t recognized as active Keywords, Info Campaigns, or System Messages would trigger an API call to customer service, which often include things like:

  1. Questions about redeeming a coupon
  2. Clarification on terms of a sale
  3. More details on order status
  4. Help with sizing and SKU availability
  5. Requests for nearest store and hours

Note - by default, any time an inbound message like these examples are received, your HELP System Message is automatically sent back to the subscriber to encourage them to either give your customer service team a phone call, send them an email, or fill out a form. 

So with the Two-Way SMS Communication integration, these messages can be addressed in-channel immediately and you and your consumers see benefits like increased customer satisfaction, fewer inbound calls to your call center, and (most importantly) nurturing of a purchase.

Are There Any Compliance Considerations?

Yes. Quiet Hours per standard TCPA Mobile compliance rules for marketing messages still apply with Two-Way SMS, as do vertical-specific rules on age gating content. Also, your program name is required to be in any message, just like when you send a broadcast, and “Standard message & data rates may apply” is required if your program is provisioned for Canada. Always consult your legal team for clarifications on questions as needed.

When Can I Get Started?

Now! If you are a Listrak SMS customer, you can access our detailed integration guide here! If you need additional support, you can reach out to your Account Manager. If you are not yet a Listrak SMS customer, let’s talk and start our partnership.

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