Your customer showed interest in a product but didn’t buy it. Your browse or cart abandonment message should be enough to seal the deal, right? Well…not quite. There’s a lot of thought you should put into the content and design of those abandonment messages.

Keep our top design and messaging tips in mind and you'll see even better results from these high performing campaigns.

Showcase the Star of the Show
The product your customer abandoned - regardless if they just browsed the item or added it to their cart - should be the main focal point of the message. Make that product image larger and keep it as high up in the message as possible.

Triggered Abandonment Email

Tip: Keep your hero image a bit shorter than usual (or consider omitting the hero image altogether if it doesn’t add value).

Forget the Price Tag
Unless prices are your #1 competitive advantage, leaving prices out of the message is a great tactic.

Tip: The purpose of this message is to compel the customer to click back to your website to continue shopping. Don’t include anything in your message that might deter that click!

Cross-Sell for the Win
Your customer abandoned the product for a reason and therefore may no longer be interested in it. Combat this by cross-selling related products (based on something like a “purchased this/purchased that” algorithm). Just write a headline that says something like, “Looking for something else?” and display a few recommended products below.

Tip: Don’t want to use product recommendations? Linking to new arrivals or sale items is a great alternative!

Calls-to-Action Are Everything
To increase click rate in your Shopping Cart Abandonment messages, include two call-to-action buttons – one above the cart contents and one below. The language you use in these buttons is important. The customer hasn’t committed to buying from you yet, so don’t scare them off. Keep of one of the buttons low-commitment to ease them back to the site (choose a phrase such as “See it again” or “View your cart”).

Tip: In your Browse Abandonment messages, pop that call-to-action higher up in the message (preferably right alongside the abandoned product) to increase your chance for more clicks.

Entice Them with Incentives
Incentives in Shopping Cart Abandonment messages work wonders! If you’re doing a three-message series, include a small incentive in your second message, then up the ante by increasing that incentive in your third message.

Tip: Browse Abandonment messages can have incentives too! If a customer has been sitting on a product for a while, push the interest in the third message by offering an incentive. We’ve seen a 57% lift in message revenue with Browse Abandonment campaigns that utilize an incentive in the third message.

Have you tried these tactics? We'd love to hear about the success you're having. Let us know in the comments section.

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