We're hours away from winter storm Jonas and, unfortunately, we're right in the middle of it with an expected two feet of snow coming our way. And while I wait for the snow to start piling up, I've noticed weather-related emails piling up in my inbox.

Subject Line: Jonas is coming...and no...we don't mean the boyband

Subject line: Don't be caught off guard by snow and ice!!

Subject Line: Get ready for a snowball fight!

Subject Line: Milk ✓ Bread ✓ Fatwood (whoops…better stop by P&H)

This is a great segmentation tactic - especially for a storm of this magnitude that is going to affect so many states. By segmenting your audience based on locations, you can create highly targed messages that offer up the products that are most relevant and timely to their needs. You'll help them weather the storm, so to speak.

These messages could have been even more personal with the inclusion of the address of my local store. They know where I am so they could have made it easier for me to stop by this afternoon to load up on supplies.

I hope everyone stays warm and safe this weekend. I'm expecting to see a lot more weather-related emails come through today and tomorrow. If you see any, please share!

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