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Although slightly less than one third of consumers are making purchases on their mobile phones, we know that they use their phones at many different points along the path to purchase: to discover new brands and products, conduct research, browse social media sites and compare prices.

Over time, conversions from a mobile device will surely increase, but until then it’s important to understand how to meet your customers’ rising expectations on mobile. Making sure your emails are in tip-top shape is a great starting point.

Your customers likely check email on their phones several times a day. So if you’ve got a can’t-miss promotion or sale event, make sure your email is optimized for mobile devices, tablets and desktops to get the highest conversion rate.

Most often, promotional emails include a mix of text and images. But if your customers’ email provider blocks images as the default view, you’ve got to get their attention with alt text. After all, you can have the sale of the century, but if no messaging displays, it’s dead on arrival.

Beyond ensuring that customers actually see the content of your message, consider best practices. Be sure to space links so they’re easy to tap with a finger and increase font sizes where necessary so content is readable no matter the screen size. No one wants to zoom in just to read an email. (Google’s mobile usability guidelines can apply to emails, too.)

Next, when it comes to the content of your email, simplicity is key. Choose words carefully and get to the point quickly. And as layouts go, a simple one-column format is easier to read on any screen, but especially on a smartphone or tablet. Most people reading emails on their phones aren’t going to be very patient.

And of course, make sure your email is on brand and on message. Your click-through rate will surely suffer if the message doesn’t “feel” like your brand. Large enough font and adequate spacing around clickable links, as well as simple content and layout, helps direct the reader’s eye to your call-to-action.

You need a strong call-to-action that is clearly visible and evokes a sense of urgency. A beautifully designed email and a compelling message isn’t enough to get your customers to click through. Keep your customers on their toes with strong verbs and enticing offers (flash sale, anyone?).

And if you have the opportunity to personalize emails to your customers, by populating things like customer name, location, and status level, your email conversion rates will soar.

About the author: Brandon Cohn is member of WebLinc's Client Advocacy team. He combines his background in front-end development, web design, and fashion retail marketing to develop strategy for WebLinc clients.

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