Being out of an item isn’t just embarrassing, but can be damaging to your company’s reputation and result in loss of potential sales. This is especially true, and more likely to occur, during the holiday season. However, there are clever ways you can turn this potentially damaging situation into a great experience:

Back in Stock Alerts


What I Like: Allowing a customer to sign up for a product-specific back in stock alert email when an out of stock item she previously showed interest in comes back in stock not only gets new subscribers on your list, but also helps to save the sale.

Style does a great job of color coordination, giving this email a sophisticated appearance. Putting recommendations at the bottom is an added bonus.

What I Would Try: While “shop now” is a nice call to action, I would love to see an “add to cart” or “buy now” link instead. I would also experiment with adding reviews onto the recommendations.

Bestsellers Back in Stock Email


If you don’t have a Back in Stock Alerts solution in place, you can still take advantage of back in stock products in your regular marketing emails.

What I like: The large “Back in Stock” banner is very eye-catching. Since Gant is promoting Fall Bestsellers, showing a variety of items covers most of their bases. Tacking on the Holiday Shipping Deadlines at the end is a good move because it creates a sense of urgency that motivates the reader to act now.

What I would try:  Perhaps under the Shop Men/Women’s Sale I would put solely gender-specific items.

Single Item Back in Stock Email


What I Like: This email creates a bandwagon effect on its readers. You should buy this product; everyone else did. The photo used displays the boots nicely from both sides and allows the reader to imagine themselves in the boots.

What I Would Try: Using a customer’s review might make a weightier impact on the reader, and adding a buy now button would give this email a stronger call to action.

Do you have any examples to add? We would love to see them!

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