For the second consecutive quarter, Listrak’s Growth Xcelerator Platform (GXP) has outscored all competitors across every G2 Identity Resolution Index, including Implementation, Usability, Results, and Relationship. These reports, created by software research leader G2, are based on verified, authentic user reviews and consider a combination of factors:

Implementation Index: user adoption, go-live time, ease of setup, and general implementation score.

: ease of use, ease of admin, ability to meet requirements, and user adoption.

: performance results, estimated ROI, and likelihood to recommend.

: quality of support, ease of doing business, and likelihood to recommend.

What is Identity Resolution, and Why Do I Need It? 

As defined by G2, “Identity resolution software helps businesses recognize the unique digital identity of individual customers so they can develop highly personalized campaigns to target them. As a consumer moves across multiple devices, companies aggregate disjointed datasets about their online behavior. Identity resolution software reconciles all available data points from first-, second-, and third-party sources to provide businesses with a comprehensive customer profile.”

Identity resolution marketing through GXP helps retailers and brands customize their messaging based on a holistic, 360-degree view of the subscriber’s behavior. In addition to leading-edge technology, GXP clients receive managed service from an expert team that handles everything from setup, strategy, design, and implementation to optimization, analysis, and reporting.

Social Proof from Listrak Clients 

Listrak’s high G2 rankings are reinforced by the many glowing reviews that our clients have shared on G2’s platform:

“Listrak is the leading application in the industry. Not only is the program easy to use, but also offers the best support you could ask for. GXP brought our automation to a new level and the support we receive helps ensure everything flows correctly.” – Nick D.

Many clients build up their base marketing programs with Listrak, then boost performance and acquisition by adding GXP’s identity resolution capabilities: 

“Listrak helped us get back on track with our email program, and we started utilizing text messages, adding a division to our omnichannel approach. We are now using GXP to help us identify more of our customer base and grow our subscribers.” – Melanie B.

Get Started Today with a 120-Day Risk-Free Pilot + Guaranteed Results

Good News! GXP seamlessly integrates and works with your existing marketing and email platform, so you don’t have to be a current Listrak email or SMS client to get started – get a Guaranteed Estimate now. If you are a Listrak client, contact your Account Manager today.

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