Congrats, you’ve made it to the final blog in our Holiday planning series, which means you’ve worked through our 100+ tips and advice. We’re ending with the last check of your to-do list, plus a few fun campaign ideas your shoppers will love.

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Valerie Stecker, Senior Account Manager, has your final double-check.

  • Do a message analysis: looking at send time, send cadence, send day, subject lines used, creative, and segmentation utilized to gauge low and high performers.
  • Analyze your competitors’ strategies.
  • Leverage a cross-channel experience; consumers are ready to hear from you via email and SMS.
  • Ensure your emails are mobile-friendly and leverage prominent clickable CTA buttons.
  • Link to a landing page or product page, preferably not your homepage.
  • Keep subject lines short and to the point, utilizing personalization, emojis, and incentive details.
  • Leverage text promotional codes vs. an image. It allows customers to copy and paste, if necessary, easily.
  • Tighten timing on trigger campaigns and cadence between multi-message series.
  • Create back-up emails should a specific email not perform as expected.
  • Use dynamic content to provide an incentive to who purchased last year using a promotion, and no incentive to those who purchased at full price.
  • Create a gift guide or daily deals campaign, to provide a sneak peek leading up to the reveal.
  • Provide early access to your VIP’s.
  • Promote self-gifting this year.

Account Manager Leslie Kubicki-Bradbury offers smart advice to engage and convert.

  • Everything will be accelerated this year, so don’t hold back.
  • Use your social platforms for a stronger presence, and give sneak peeks of big sales days there, followed by email.
  • Have fun with category-based gift guides; this helps the over-whelmed shopper.
  • Capture the first purchase with an exclusive promotion to the non-purchasers on your list. Promote gift cards on non-sale days and to your last-minute shoppers.

Enterprise Account Manager Meg Kunkle offers some simple campaigns that bring a little fun to the inbox.

  • Layer in “last site visit” to your active audiences, so you don’t miss shoppers interested in you, even though they may not be opening your emails. Your next send may pique their
    interest to open and convert.
  • Target late-night shoppers by sending a few emails later in the evening with a deal or promo.
  • Wish folks a Happy New Year - Segment to non-purchasers and offer a discount to use in 2021. And segment to purchasers and thank them for being loyal shoppers in 2020.
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