It’s easy to get caught up in the busy holiday season and overlook simple email strategies that are guaranteed to help you shine brighter in the inbox. Below are six simple, proven must-dos offered up by Listrak’s seasoned account managers:

Everyone loves a great gift, and you want to acquire as many qualified new subscribers as possible this holiday season. Make the season merry for you and your subscribers by rewarding them for introducing friends and family members to your brand.

Create a holiday-themed email template

It’s a simple idea, but can get lost in the holiday season shuffle. Carry any festive seasonal theme you’re featuring on your website into your marketing emails, and if appropriate, your triggered emails, too.

Increase your send cadence

Our recent holiday research study shows that nearly three-quarters of retailers intend to increase their weekly sends in November and December, and many will be adding weekend sends and even sending more time per day, so you need to send more often, too, to keep your subscribers’ attention.

Use creative subject lines

While many consumers expect an increase in emails over the holiday season, our research shows, not surprisingly, that many also mostly simply delete or ignore them. To make your emails stand out in the inbox, it is crucial that you make subject lines engaging and content personalized and relevant.

Include all notable shipping dates and deadlines

Help busy shoppers to plan and create urgency to boost your conversions by making sure holiday emails remind subscribers of important shipping details.

Wish your customers a happy holiday

‘Tis the season to also show your subscribers you care and to show thanks for their loyalty. On key holidays send an email with your well-wishes and nothing more.

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