If you’re a Facebook advertiser, you may have recently noticed a new feature in Facebook Ads Manager. When modifying a Campaign, Ad Set or Ad, you can easily set up rules to automatically monitor the performance of your campaigns. This is incredibly useful for both new advertisers and seasoned power advertisers because you can be alerted as soon as performance increases or decreases.

Here’s How it Works
After logging into your Facebook Ads Manager, select any active Campaign. In the Campaign Preview window, you will see a new feature with a “Create Rule” call to action.

After clicking the “Create Rule” call to action, a window will open where you can define the specific performance criteria that Facebook will watch for. You also define what actions are taken when those rules and criteria are met. The example below is configured to send me an email notification when the Cost per Acquisition on my Lead Ad campaign breaches $0.75 per lead.

Why is This Important?
If there is one thing that cross-channel marketers agree on, it’s that we don’t have enough hours in the day to optimize every tactic. However, by taking a few minutes to leverage new functionality like this, we rest assured that we’ll know as soon as our campaigns’ performance begins to drop off or improve. At that point, we can make timely, informed decisions on how to modify our campaigns to reach our goals.

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