It seems every day a new company is either launched or rebranded as a Customer Data Platform (or CDP).  But depending on who you ask, you’ll get a wide range of different answers about what that actually means. Even analysts can’t agree on exactly what a CDP is and how it differs from a CRM…

What we can agree on is that every retailer needs to better understand their customers, to extract valuable insights about those customers, and then easily act on those insights to drive engagement, revenue and loyalty.

And they need all of that to be easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and cost effective…

A Winning Package

At Listrak, we’ve combined the impact of customer data insight with the power of our marketing engagement platform. This means tracking customer activity across multiple devices, combining cross-channel behaviors into a single profile and automating campaigns based on the customer interactions.

Our Listrak CRM module (we opted for CRM rather than CDP) includes:

  • Unified Customer Profile – identity linking, combining of data silos, and a true customer LTV
  • Instant Insights – over 70+ actionable data visualizations without any heavy lifting
  • Predictive Analytics – machine learning models to build smarter segments and make you look like a genius
  • Data Exploration – powerful, yet simple tools to dig deep in the data and truly understand your customers
  • Seamless Activation – one-click creation of CRM audiences that power automated campaigns

The Result

Only Listrak CRM puts all these elements together in a single integrated platform that’s specifically built for the retail marketer and not the IT department.  

It’s exactly what retailers need to outperform their budgets and grow their loyal customer base - regardless of what you call it…

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