Browse Abandonment is a powerful behavior-based solution that allows you to connect with customers who've shown interest in your brand by visiting your website. In a typical Browse Abandonment campaign, you send friendly and helpful messages to customers after they've visited a specific product page, most likely featuring that product in the email.

But, what about the people that browse your site and never land on a specific product page? By leveraging page Browse Abandonment, you can potentially reach thousands or even millions of additional contacts. The important point to remember is that these people are already engaged with your brand.

How to Capitalize on Page Browse

1. Find out how many people you’re missing out on

Using Listrak, it’s easy to see the exact number of contacts who browsed your site but never landed on a product page. You can select any date range you'd like, because the purpose of this exercise is simply to compare page browse abandons to product browse abandons. However, we recommend you look at least a one-month time period.

As you can see in the above example, 2.67 million contacts have visited the website within the selected timeframe and are not being marketed to because they never reached a product page.
Are your product pages buried?

But, why are so many people leaving before they reach a product page? The answer varies, but oftentimes it's because the website contains a lot of pages to navigate through before reaching a product page. In other words, your products may be buried. Whatever the case, the good news is that you can reach these contacts.

TEST: Visit your homepage and count the number of clicks it takes to get to a product detail page. More than three? You may need to consider pulling your product pages closer to the surface to let your customers access them quickly. With the structure Home Page > Category Page > Product Page, you can do it in two clicks.

2. Get the right messaging

Keeping in mind that you are essentially targeting "everyone" by reaching out to page browse abandoners, it's best to keep your messages relatively general. Some ideas for crafting your first page Browse Abandonment email include:

This type of email might start out with a subject line or heading"How can we help you?" Remaining friendly and inviting is key to success with this approach.

Since at this point you don't know what these customers were looking for, you can take the opportunity to suggest your best sellers, again remaining friendly and inviting.

3. Target specific audiences

You can do very well with a general page Browse Abandonment campaign, but using Listrak, you can create filters and target messages more specifically based all sorts of criteria such as category, sub-category, brand and most other attributes in your products file. You can also offer more info to those contacts who perhaps last browsed the customer service or warranty.

Below are a few examples that target specific audiences based on page browse. You can even combine them so that all of the filters exist in the same conversation (as shown below).

Category Page: Send these contacts a message about your best-selling sweaters if they last browsed
the sweaters page.

Brand Page: Send these contacts a message about your new Nike arrivals if they last browsed the Nike Women’s page.

Customer Service Page: Send these contacts your contact information, tell them about your Live Chat feature or simply ask if you can help them.

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