The Challenge

To a luxury retailer, customer loyalty is everything. Jomashop is committed to building loyalty through trust and outstanding service, which isn’t always easy to do online. Working with Listrak, Jomashop added personal product recommendations to a number of email campaigns to help customers discover new products while delivering relevant messages.

The Solution

Jomashop uses Listrak’s Personalization Suite to create highly targeted messages, driving engagement and revenue.

  • Recommendations bring in an incredible 69.4% of revenue from Jomashop’s Recurring Automated Campaigns
  • Personalized product recommendations led to 26.3% increase in Welcome Series revenue. More than half of the revenue in the welcome messages come from product recommendations

Listrak’s Recommender has transformed the way we communicate with shoppers. We are able to create messages that are much more personal and relevant and customers are responding positively. The product recommendations attribute towards 6.6% of total email revenue since we added them to our campaigns.

Chaim Posen, Marketing Director at Jomashop

About JomaShop

JomaShop has been in the retail and wholesale trade of luxury goods, such as watches, fine writing instruments, handbags, fashion accessories, crystal and gift items since 1987. Their goal has and always will be to earn the trust and satisfaction, and commitment to their customers. Visit to learn more.