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Your Success is Our Goal

Collaborative approach to build a beneficial partnership

We’re here to help you maximize the ROI of your digital marketing campaigns. We understand the complexities retailers face and we can solve the business challenges related to collecting and using customer data across multiple channels. We’ll help you grow your business by finding more new customers and strengthening the relationships you have with loyal shoppers.

With Listrak you gain a team of retail, digital marketing and technical specialists that bring proven, retail-specific expertise to your marketing team. Our collaborative approach adds value as it is tailored to your exact requirements.

I have had the privilege of working with the Listrak team in my current and previous jobs. Their dedication and knowledge are second to none - from our Account Manager to the Technical and Support Teams - they're all experts. Any online retailer should consider looking at their solutions and making the switch. It's a pleasure working with them on a daily basis.

Megan Nonemacher, eCommerce Marketing Manager at Rodale's

Our Approach

We offer the most comprehensive service levels in our industry. When you partner with Listrak you get more than a username and password. Depending on your needs, you get an entire team of retail strategists, account managers, deliverability experts, graphic designers, and technical integrators who can become an extension of your marketing team.

How We Help

We align customer trends with marketing strategies to ensure our retailing clients reach shoppers in a timely manner with a relevant message in the right channel.

What we believe

We believe innovation drives performance. We help our clients stay ahead of their competitors through well-planned and well-executed strategies and by focusing on results.

Retail-only focus

Our sole focus is retail marketing. That means you'll work with retail strategists and marketing experts who understand your business and you'll gain market-leading technology that was designed specifically for your requirements.

Client results

We partner with our clients to become an extension of their marketing teams. We strive to help clients not only beat their industry benchmarks but outperform their own goals and expectations

Our email marketing efforts took a huge leap when we signed on with Listrak. Our small team was ready for the challenge but a bit intimidated by all that Listrak had to offer. Luckily, we were paired with an outstanding project manager and it has made all the difference. We truly feel as though we've grown as a team, and that team includes the talented individuals at Listrak.

Jill Dahl, Marketing Coordinator, FINIS, Inc.

Account Services

Not only do we keep up with current digital marketing best practices, we work with our clients to develop many of the strategies that become retail industry trends. Our account managers share campaign ideas that have been proven to engage shoppers, drive incremental revenue and increase AOV and ROI. They are responsible for the day-to-day assistance to maximize performance.


To reach your goals, you must have the right objectives in place. Our account managers will help audit your customer data and campaign metrics and provide feedback to help you benchmark your campaigns so you know what works the best for your audience.


Prior to kickoff we’ll meet with you to discuss strategies and goals. You’ll receive training customized to your needs so you’ll know exactly how to successfully launch your marketing programs in a timely manner. And, we’ll partner with you to integrate the technical elements, migrate data and implement new solutions smoothly and efficiently.


Implementing new campaigns is easy with the help of your account manager. You'll have guidance at every stage, whether planning, development, execution, testing, optimization or tracking – as well as creative new ideas that will drive engagement and revenue for your business.


We encourage and help you strategize campaign testing and optimization for performance, and closely watch for trends to share with you that can be used to enhance your future campaigns.

Strategy Services

Listrak’s Strategy Services Team goes deeper into your account analytics to identify new opportunities, build advanced strategies and understand performance in your competitive environment. You’ll work closely with your dedicated strategist and analyst who provide actionable recommendations to optimize campaigns across multiple channels.

Learn More about the Strategy Services Team
Actionable Insights

We leverage the data that matters most to identify your business challenges, define KPIs and provide actionable insights so you can power personalized, cross-channel campaigns. We accurately assess all opportunities to deliver strategic guidance that will optimize performance and grow revenue.

  • Email analysis and reporting
  • Cross-channel campaign reporting
  • Subscriber audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • In-store assessment
  • Campaign benchmarking
Executable, Customer-Based Strategies

We believe that a comprehensive view of your customer lives in your data, and we will build strategies that allow you to personalize every communication with every subscriber at every touchpoint. Focusing on acquisition, conversion and retention, our strategies are aligned with consumer behavior, reaching digitally savvy customers when and how they shop. This greatly impacts your marketing revenue and ROI.

  • Customer-intent segmentation strategy
  • Email lifecycle strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Cross-channel strategy
  • Personalization strategy
Scalable Innovation

We create customized plans with a phased approach and documented timelines and deliverables to move you from insights to execution effectively. We integrate these strategies with our market-leading technology to automate campaign creation. This will reduce the strain on your time and resources while greatly boosting revenue and ROI.

  • Retail communications planning
  • Ongoing analysis and optimization
  • Market-leading technology
  • Customized, tiered approach
  • Promotional and message calendar development

Full Service Capabilities

One-to-one marketing depends on the right customer receiving a relevant message delivered at the right time in the right channel. We can help you reach each shopper with a personal message at every touchpoint, increasing engagement and ROI. Our Professional Services team can help out at every stage of the process, from development to deployment.

Creative Design

Presenting a consistent brand and shopping experience across all customer touchpoints is paramount to your success and our designers can create beautiful, inspired campaigns using your brand standards and creative assets. We generate the emails to ensure optimal performance across all inboxes.

Copywriting and Content Optimization

Campaigns that are personal and relevant to customers have the highest performance metrics and our creative team can work with you to create targeted messaging for each customer segment. Multivariate split testing may be performed prior to each deployment with the winning version being determined by open, read or click rate, click to open rate, conversion rate, or revenue per email sent.

Mobile Optimization

More than half of your messages are being viewed on mobile devices. Our creative team can work with you to convert any campaign into responsively-designed emails that are optimized for performance on multiple screen sizes.

Quality Assurance

Our QA specialists pay close attention to every stage of the development and test messages in all major email clients and browsers – both desktop and mobile – to ensure messages render properly.


Listrak is dedicated to providing clients with ROI-driven marketing solutions. Our single, integrated digital marketing platform ensures your new solutions will be up and running efficiently and seamlessly. We offer integration with all major eCommerce platforms, with many pre-built integrations available to help you achieve your goals quickly. Most solutions can be implemented within a matter of weeks – not months – accelerating the time to benefit and ROI.

Tactical Implementation

Our solution integrations are performed in a strategic and tactical manner so you will be up and running quickly. Listrak is your integration partner, making it easy to import all your data and assets, ensuring that everything is properly configured and operating effectively.


We work closely with a number of partners from platforms to solution integrators to industry partners who specialize in eCommerce, enabling us to provide retailers with easily integrated solutions.


We have a robust XML-based API that allows you to integrate external systems with our platform.


Email campaign success is dependent on reaching the inbox and rendering correctly. As you know, regulations, technology and ISPs are always evolving to protect their customers, which can have a direct impact on the placement of your messages if you don't remain up-to-date. Listrak is one of the most respected and trusted Email Service Providers in the industry. We maintain close relationships with ISPs and have leadership roles in key organizations responsible for creating rules and best practices. We provide strategic guidance to help you navigate the deliverability landscape to maximize your inbox placement.

Industry Relationships

Listrak's strong relationships with ISPs and active participation in industry groups such as MAAWG, ESPC and IAPP mean our team is always up-to-date on technical and regulatory developments. Leveraging this knowledge allows us to navigate the changing landscape to protect your reputation and increase your inbox placement. Our team members stay on the leading edge of the email industry so you don't have to. We are also qualified to help you through the Return Path certification process.

Proactive Monitoring

Our Deliverability Team, along with your Account Manager, actively monitors subscriber engagement - a big part of reputation - and can help re-engage or suppress inactive subscribers. We also offer advice on best practices for acquisition, schedules, content and regulations and can help test campaigns before deployment to monitor inbox placement. Our Principal Delivery Strategist will architect a sending strategy for your initial sends, ensuring that proper IP address warming occurs and reputation management best practices are followed. When needed, our team will work with you to create remediation strategies for deliverability issues.

The Right Tools

Using both industry standard and Listrak proprietary deliverability reporting tools, our team can help analyze and isolate delivery issues. Listrak has a strong email sending infrastructure which provides on-time, on-demand, business-critical email services for some of the largest and most sophisticated email marketing users. We offer dedicated IP addresses as well as shared IP pools. We authenticate senders through SPF, DKIM and DMARC. We also provide ISP-specific deliverability reporting, abuse reporting with feedback loops and automated removal of addresses that bounce or complain.