Listrak’s Contact Card observes, collects and synthesizes data from disparate data sources and at every touchpoint across the customer journey into a unified 360˚ profile, giving you true visualization of all customers, subscribers, site visitors and anonymous users.

  • Complete, living unified 360° profile that is essential to powering your marketing decisions and orchestration
  • Link multiple profiles into a single customer view – showing all names, email addresses, customer IDs and phone numbers of linked identities when multiple email addresses are found to have significant shared activity
  • Eliminate fragmented data, expanding your view into known and unknown visitors
  • Insight into preferred send time and projected purchase date with Predictive Analytics
  • Visualize brand, category and subcategory affinity
  • Explore a comprehensive view of recent purchase, browse and message activity

Benefits of Listrak’s Contact Card

  • AI Powered Marketing: Transform data from intent-based signals including transactional history, behavioral activity and stage in the customer journey into actionable insights and data driven decisions through the combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms and actual human intelligence.
  • Built for Marketers: Structured to fully support your needs for personalized cross-channel campaigns, marketing analysis and business intelligence.
  • Anonymous User Tracking: Capture and store anonymous user data prior to subscription, then pair it with a consistent identifier to a single customer account.
  • Holistic Customer View: Observe and understand the customer journey at an individual level. Glean truly actionable, data-driven insights faster and more accurately due to the robust contextual data derived from the Unified 360˚ Profile.
  • Agile and Flexible: Configurable to specific needs to support changing environments and meet evolving brand requirements.
  • ROI Focused: Turn data into revenue. Visualize engagement and transactional insights in order to determine strategies that drive measurable lift throughout the entire customer lifecycle.
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