Engage and acquire subscribers through our Intelligent Social Lead Acquisition. Nurture and convert highly-targeted customers through our Smart Social Campaign Audiences. Save time and money through our automated, near real-time, multi-platform data syncs.

Intelligent Social Lead Acquisition

Expand your reach and acquire your target audience on Facebook and Instagram
Automatically manage ever-changing audience segments across multiple ad platforms through near real-time data sync
Spend ad dollars more effectively by controlling which social audiences to target or suppress
Extend the return on new subscribers by immediately and automatically sending first Welcome Message and ongoing nurturing campaigns

Smart Social Campaign Audiences

  • Increase brand awareness, drive acquisition and conversion through targeted Lookalike Smart Audiences
  • Unleash the power of your 360˚ customer segmentation data with Listrak to drive paid search and social audience strategies
  • Automate audience management, eliminating manual process of uploading lists across multiple platforms – saving an average of 20 hours per month
  • Optimize ad spend based on the potential value of each product
of subscribers who are new to list
days between subscription and purchase
Listrak Exchange has been an immense time saver for my team. The manual process of importing and exporting data files was hampering our ability to quickly set up audience targeting, but Listrak was able to automate that process, removing a huge frustration for us.
Gail Buffington
VP of Marketing & Analytics

Automate and Orchestrate Cross-Channel Campaigns

Extend the reach of your automated campaigns into paid search and social networks.

Increase the efficacy of your marketing programs by delivering the message directly to shopper’s preferred channel – social.

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