56% of shoppers are expecting retailers to make holiday shopping more personalized and convenient, both online and in-store this holiday season. And more than half of the holiday shoppers expect retailers to base those personalizations on past purchases and online behavior.

Are you ready?

We recently hosted on webinar where two of our account managers, Cherrill Hartman and Ryan Ogurcak, along with our recommendations expert (or “recspert” as we like to call him) Bill Trovato, discussed the best way to personalize all of your customer interactions this holiday season.

Some of the holiday insights shared on the webinar include:

  • 83% of customers value being recognized with personal messages cross-channel
  • If a shopper is viewing full priced merchandise, don’t potentially lower your AOV by recommending items at a lower price point
  • Adding recommendations to your website can lift revenue by 23%
  • On the checkout page, add a free shipping threshold, and then recommend products that will help customers reach the minimum – shoppers will buy more in order to qualify for free shipping
  • Add recommendations to the order confirmation page – many shoppers make a second purchase within 24 hours of the first purchase with a lot of them occurring immediately after the first order is placed
  • Add recommendations to 404 error pages or no search results pages – you’ll minimize the dead-end experience and avoid bounces
  • A/B split tests are essential for optimizing on-site product recommendations
  • Personalization should extend across the customer journey - from awareness to reactivation. Show shoppers you know them
  • Leverage browse behavior to personalize welcome series emails. Also promote top sellers, trending products, new arrivals
  • Try phrases such as "we like your style," or "you've got great taste" in browse and abandon messages – this is much friendlier than “recently viewed”
  • Bring browsers back to buy by presenting viewed this/bought that or related, same category items
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