Ann Taylor sent this email to customers this morning. It stood out to me because of its clear CTA - go to the store.


Email is such a boost to online sales so I thought it was interesting that  Ann Taylor would use the email to drive in-store traffic.

I clicked on the “find a store" link and was taken to this landing page:


Again, I found this interesting. This email and landing page do not promote the fall preview at all - it simply wants customers to go into a store to see the new arrivals in person.

The email does include a link to the online summer sale items, so customers can shop online if they choose. And the landing page also has a link to the new arrivals. But in order to view the fall preview online, customers not only have to click twice, they have to navigate their own way and find it by themselves.

The point is clear - Ann Taylor wants the customers to go to the stores and work with a stylist instead of fending for themselves. They even request that customers make an appointment before they go in.

I’m willing to bet that the people who do go in and work with a stylist have a much higher AOV than the people who buy online. And they are also more likely to be repeat and loyal customers.

It is an interesting email tactic and one you should keep in mind for the holidays as it could be a great way to invite customers to shop in your stores and not just on your website.

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