It’s that time of the year again: another national holiday that can easily be transformed into a capitalist fairy tale. Balancing the spirit of the season and the need to push your biggest sales, however, can prove to be the greatest challenge. You don’t want to be too pushy, too cheesy, or too mild…That’s a lot of “too’s” to worry about.

For your benefit, we decided it would be fun to look at nearly 1000 Thanksgiving email subject lines to give you the low down on the trends we’ve found in the sphere. (Fun gets a little nerdy in the digital marketing world.) Here’s what we realized:

1. Short and sweet seems to be out of style for Thanksgiving subject lines. The average length of a Thanksgiving subject line is longer than that of other types.

2. Patriotism loses out to vagueness. In fact, it’s almost eight times more likely to see the word “Holiday” than “American” in a subject line.

3. Apparently most people know that Thanksgiving Day is, well, a day. One fifth of emails choose not to remind them in their subject lines. Instead, this valuable real estate can be used for copy that has a great impact on the recipient’s experience. (Time to break out those turkey leg emojis.)

4. Finally, for the statistic that gives this post its name. It turn out, a surprising group of brands do decide to include a good hearty “gobble” in their subject lines. We found it interest that “gobble” was even more prevalent than the word “turkey” in our sample.

How do you balance holiday spirit with the bottom line?

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