It’s 2016 and we’re just coming down off the holiday rush, but I bet you’re already thinking about where and how to find new customers and subscribers.

Subscriber acquisition is often times a large pain point for many retailers. Consequently, it’s also a large opportunity and should therefore be prioritized accordingly. Whether you are a multi-channel retailer who has stores, a pure play online-only retailer or mainly a wholesaler there are options for cross-channel acquisition points.

The best acquisition strategies will target people in many different channels that range from in-store to online through social and across display.

Onsite Subscriber Acquisition

Traditional onsite opt-ins, such as modal lightboxes, header and footer signups, and checkout, are typically the most successful email acquisition points. But, it doesn’t and shouldn’t stop there.

Start asking for mobile numbers so shoppers can sign up for SMS messaging – even if you don’t offer this yet, chances are good that you will someday soon. Another great acquisition point is an exit modal lightbox. When shoppers are about to leave the site, give them an opportunity to stay in touch via email or text.

Acquisition from Social Networks

Utilize social media? Your potential customers do. This particular channel can be a good resource for targeting custom, lookalike audiences and engaging shoppers. Anyone who visits your social media pages is typically engaged enough to opt-in for email, so give them an easy way to do so.

In-store Email and Mobile Acquisition

Capture that critical customer data by asking for it at the checkout counter, offering an e-receipt and/or posting visual aids for mobile coupons. All of these strategies are great ways to boost your acquisition strategy. Some retailers are even going as far as putting photo-booths or other interactive digital displays in-store to create a fun and exciting experience, but not without grabbing that email address first.

Effective Welcome Series: Turn Those Subscribers into Customers

A well-thought out welcome series turns subscribers into customers. Welcome messages have evolved from a simply “thanks for signing up” with a 10% off discount to a three – or more – message series offering personalized product recommendations based on what subscribers looked at onsite, a tailored message inviting customers to visit local stores, or a highly relevant message offering additional value-based information that assists customers in completing purchases. The key is to personalize each message –not only by subscription point but by using all subscriber data available to you.