In a recent post, I summarized my experience researching retailers' post purchase practices by comparing marketing to courtship. As it turns out, that metaphor continues to be validated.

As I went about engaging with our hand-picked list of retailers, I was certain to provide the same “bait” to each whenever possible, willingly giving any information they asked for. Much to my surprise, even retailers don't always call - or in this case, text - when they say they will!

More than three weeks of patiently waiting by the phone after initially signing up, only a mere 6.7% of retailers had made any sort of mobile move on me, so to speak. Of those, only one communicated faithfully, texting me approximately every two weeks:

Why, then, did I take the time to type out those 10 digits? And why are so many retailers capturing essential information and then not acting on it?

Mr. Retailer, if I'm willing to slip you my phone number, I want to hear from you, so why not offer me the chance to opt in for your on-going communications? And further, if I've already given you the green light by opting in, why not hold up your side of the deal?

Thankfully, I did not feel totally jilted by the retailers I engaged with during my research. Despite the fact that many may have failed me by not texting, they didn't completely ignore my mobile needs. I was recently delighted when recently checking my inbox to see that several of my retail suitors sent me email offers with scannable barcodes. It’s a simple gesture likley to drive me in store and wanting to see those retailers again.

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