As a personal promoter of female leaders, I was intrigued to find a very unexpected, content driven email from The Limited in my inbox today.  The Limited is debuting a campaign called “The New Look of Leadership” showcasing 60 diverse female leaders in business, education, government, healthcare, technology and entertainment.  How cool?!?

As I scrolled through the looks of the women, I found that a lot of their styles or outfits would be something I would wear. The styles range from classic to edgy to sporty to comfy, but all with a professional look.  It was fascinating reading about these women and what not only their style means to them, but what they believe a leader is.

Capturing the definitions of leadership from these women combined with their personalities and faces creates worthwhile content, making it a total win. I must admit, The Limited hasn’t seen my business in a while, but they definitely just re-engaged a past purchaser to check them out again.  

Check out what the Huffington Post said about the new campaign.  #LeadingLooksLike

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