At this point, it’s no secret that being able to text your customers unlocks a whole new level of engagement and more revenue potential than ever before. Tried-and-true retargeting and broadcast strategies via SMS perfectly complement email, Push, and social programs. Plus cross-channel contacts come with a higher overall lifetime value than single-channel subscribers. So why not extend that success “down under” to your customers in Australia?

Listrak is proud to offer Australia international Text Message Marketing service as part of our commitment to a global SMS presence for our retail clients. Much like in the United Kingdom, Australia brings highly engaged mobile audiences and the opportunity to elevate your business in a new market.

Replicate Your Top-Performing Strategies to Get Started Quickly

Whether you have an existing Text Message Marketing program in the US, Canada, or UK, or want to get started, you can do so quickly and efficiently by replicating and extending your best digital tactics from other channels. Here are Listrak’s recommendations to do just that.

1. Add a second step to your website acquisition strategy and create a Two-Step Popup that collects both email and SMS opt-in. From there, add text message steps within your Welcome Series to nurture new mobile subscribers, deliver coupon codes, introduce your product catalog, and more.

2. Send (at a minimum) two broadcast text messages a week to your SMS subscriber list. Take cues from your existing email and social calendars so you don’t feel like you must conceptualize brand new campaigns. Our suggestions are:

  • Target your most compelling messages planned for the week and send a text message as part of your strategy. 
  • Consider getting started by promoting new product announcements, sales and promotional events, and last-chance opportunities for coupons or limited inventory.
  • Let Listrak’s AI Assistant tool write the copy for you, saving you time! 

3. Consider adding at least one text message to your existing automated strategies. This includes Shopping Cart Abandonment, Browse Abandonment, Product Alerts, and Post Purchase campaigns. Personalized retargeting strategies earn more engagement and revenue than more “batch-and-blast” type campaigns, so these are critical for maximizing your Text Message Marketing return.

Learn the Compliance Rules for Australia

For programs targeting contacts based in Australia, many of the same basic compliance rules apply, i.e., always collect “express written consent” before opting in subscribers, and your list must only include contacts who have explicitly opted into your program. Your program must also include at the time of acquisition thorough disclaimer language and links to your mobile Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Specific to Australia, Text Message Marketing programs must also adhere to the rules outlined in the 2003 Spam Act and 2021 Spam Regulations. Part of that is including a method to opt out in each message. So all of your texts must include unsubscribe language, like ‘STOP to stop.’ The Australian Communications Media Authority enforces violations of the Spam Act, and consequences can include some hefty fines – So always keep compliance at the core of your strategy!

Continue Your World Domination

Extending your Text Message Marketing program into Australia opens more opportunities to connect with your customers and prospects worldwide!

Listrak is here to help you every step of the way. You can get started quickly by replicating your existing strategies from other country programs to immediately see list growth and engagement, all while managing everything within the same platform. Reach out to your Account Manager to learn more.

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