Segment messages based on consumer behavior, such as purchase history, browsing activity, email engagement, location, etc.

If you’re a Listrak client, you have the ability to segment on consumer behavior like purchase patterns, browsing activity, email engagement, geo-location and more. You have likely worked with your account manager or your internal team to come up with the best way to use all the behavioral data that you have at your fingertips to create saved segments.

Once you create a saved segment in Listrak, that audience is a dynamic target moving forward. As individuals change their behaviors they are actively moved from segment to segment to address their actions in real time. We realize the value of the targeted campaigns that our retailers are sending to these audiences, as we’re seeing higher open rates, click through rates and conversions when the content is tailored to the audience.

With that in mind, Listrak set out to help our retailers save time and energy by identifying what we are calling “Smart Audiences” - now available to all Listrak clients! In the app, you will notice that Saved Segments are now called Audiences.

So, what makes these Audiences smart? Each Smart Audience was chosen to address a business challenge that retailers face. The default values are predefined, but can be customized for your specific brand or vertical.

Business Challenge: Increasing the number of customers on your list
Smart Audience: Recent and active subscribers with growth potential
Many retailers are disappointed when they look at their total list size and compare that to the number of customers on the list. We have identified two audiences of active subscribers with a high probability of conversion if we deploy the right strategy.

This particular group has received your Welcome Series and potentially received an offer through that campaign. Obviously, that wasn’t enough to get the conversion at that time, so we have to get creative! Test out offers that are not typical for your marketing list (GWP, lower free shipping thresholds), test subject lines that call out their behavior (“Today’s the Day!), and if you have the option, utilize personalization to tailor the products included in the email to match their preferences and aid in new product discovery

Business Challenge: Converting one-time buyers to multi buyers
Smart Audience: One-time buyers

Another common challenge for retailers is one-time buyers. These buyers purchase once and only once, however, if you convert even just a small percentage of this group into multi buyers, we know they are exponentially more likely to continue to make additional purchases in the future with your brand.

So how do we message one-time buyers to accomplish our goal of driving additional conversions from them? We want to deliver content to this group that is clear about the value of continuing to purchase from your brand. Test subject lines that include some of the unique values your brand offers or that highlight your loyalty program to encourage additional purchases. Use personalization to key off recent browsing behavior and recommend similar products. Consider including an incentive with a sense of urgency expiration message. You need to earn trust and create a sense of immediate value for this group.

Business Challenge: Reengaging your best customers who have not recently purchased
Smart Audience: Win back best customers with growth potential

These are some of your most valuable customers that are still actively browsing the site, but have not recently made a purchase. It’s important to express your gratitude to this group through subject line and content. Your goal here is to keep these customers loyal to your brand and prevent them from becoming a lapsed buyer.

Give them offers that make them feel special. If you can provide early access to a sale or some other version of exclusivity, do it! Support their experience with personalized content that ties to their previous purchases, like how-to’s, recipes or style guides. Facilitate a conversation between this group of individuals on social media - these are your advocates and it will make them feel good to know there are like-minded individuals out there. Use personalization to serve up the perfect products that fit their specific style.

Business Challenge: Increasing conversion rate of lapsing and at-risk customers
Smart Audiences: Lapsing and at-risk customers with growth potential

There is a small window of opportunity when it comes to recapturing consumer attention at a level where additional conversions take place. This group of customers requires a series of emails that monitor how they respond to each message. If they purchase, remove them from the conversation all together. If they open or click without converting, alter the subject line in subsequent messages to indicate you’re paying attention (“Didn’t I just see you?” or “We meet again!”). Use personalization and merchandising tactics to pique their attention, like showing new arrivals in their preferred brand or top rate products that match their shopping preferences. If you have room to do it, incentivize this group with a special offer that you repeat in every message throughout the series.

These are just a few different messaging strategies that you can try to tackle some of the top challenges facing retailers. Talk to your Listrak account manager about what other Smart Audiences and approaches you can take to increase conversions. Keep an eye out for updates to Smart Audiences that will include additional behavioral signals and predictive values and trends.

Questions? Reach out to your Listrak Account Manager.

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