Send More, Make More - $1 : $59.26

Sending 4 additional emails per month gives you a huge revenue boost - the CPM is low but the returns are high. On average, these extra emails return $59.26 for every dollar spent.


Many retailers, including Costco, H&M, Ikea, Patagonia, Marshalls & Home Goods, will remain closed on Thanksgiving this year. Some will remain closed on Black Friday as well. The store closings may lead to an increase in site traffic these days. Capture that traffic by sending multiple emails these days.

Black Friday

Cyber Monday

Cyber Week

Keep the campaigns rolling throughout Cyber Weekend.Shoppers welcome your emails at this time of year - 27% of holiday shoppers start buying the first two weeks of December.

Thanksgiving 2016 - 35% increase over 2015

Black Friday 2016 - 31.4% increase over 2015

Cyber Monday 2016 - 42.4% increase over 2015

Things to Know

Email volume is expected to rise this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean that every shopper will receive the same message. We expect marketers to send more sophisticated campaigns, including segmented messages, product recommendations, predictive content and more.We also expect to see more integrated campaigns as marketers implement SMS, display and social marketing into their holiday strategies.

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