I spent the weekend crossing items off my to-do list around the house. I cleaned out and painted my garage. I repainted the lamp posts and the trim around the garage doors. I organized my laundry room and went shopping to buy items to help me keep it organized, only I couldn’t find what I was looking for at Bed, Bath, and Beyond so I ordered a couple of things from The Container Store’s website. And I received this email confirmation:

I love the fact that it includes recommended products, but I’m surprised that it didn’t include any of the items that I actually added to my cart, but then removed before checking out. I spent a good amount of time on thecontainerstore.com and at one point I had seven items in my cart. I would add things, remove them, add something new, remove it and go back and re-add an item I had previously deleted. It took me a while to decide exactly what I wanted.

Thecontainerstore.com easily could have talked me into ordering some of the items I had removed from my cart simply by including them in the email confirmation. I didn’t look at shoe racks, garbage cans, cabinets or shower caddies, but I did look at other laundry room and closet organization items. Not just look, but I added them to my cart, which shows purchase intent.

I’m guessing that the recommended items in this email are hard-coded and that the same products are recommended to every shopper. They might be best sellers, or they might be items that they just want to move. But they aren’t items recommended for me based on my purchase intent or purchase history.

No items found.