A new dashboard is available for Listrak clients to view all their email and SMS campaign performance in a single view – The Performance Summary Report! 

Understanding the Dashboard

  • The Performance Summary report lives within Listrak Dashboards and provides data across messaging channels, lists, and shortcodes for a holistic view of your program results. 
  • Metrics include attributed revenue, unique clicks and click-through rate, and delivery rate, among others.
  • The default lookback date range is seven days, but the date picker allows for adjustments whether the set lasts 30 or 60 days or is a custom date range.
  • Data can be exported as an Excel file. You can customize the report view to hide/show the KPIs most important to your business needs and expand it for full-screen viewing.
  • The report’s view can be customized to look at a single list or collection, and campaign types can be expanded and collapsed to focus on specific initiatives as needed. There are three main categories:  Broadcast, Triggered, and Transactional messages.

Learn more about the Performance Summary Report and view a glossary of all the data points here: https://help.listrak.com/en/articles/6752169-performance-summary-dashboard

If you need assistance leveraging the report, contact your Account Manager.

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