We had a great conversation with Scott Galloway last night! A group of about 20 clients and future clients got to talk about a range of topics over Scott’s favorite cocktail, Zacapa rum and Coke.

Scott was originally scheduled to speak at our Listrak ConneXions event which unfortunately did not happen this past year. Instead, we invited a small group to an intimate setting where everyone could interact with Prof G as if they were at the Crosby Hotel having a drink at happy hour.

There was a wide range of topics covered, including the three tectonic shifts in our economy (globalization, digitization, and dispersion), COVID-19’s impact as an accelerant, the effect of working at home on relationships and creativity, the end of the traditional brand era, innovation in supply chain and distribution, unlocking new value and points of differentiation with digital, and profound opportunities coming out of the pandemic.

A huge thank you to Scott and to everyone that joined us for this unforgettable evening! We look forward to continuing these conversations in the next few months.

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