In our latest whitepaper on email benchmarks and trends, we shared some examples of retailers using email messages to drive in-store traffic. I have received a few more recently that I thought were worth sharing:

Calvin Klein

Subject line: Enjoy These Holiday Deals

What I love about this message is its simplicity and personalization in the subject line. What I find a little disappointing is that the color palette and design don’t match the holiday, making this seem like a template that may be used for other holidays,as well. The red definitely does not inspire me to think about spring clothing. Then again, 50% is a pretty good sale…


Subject line: Nudge, nudge … have you checked your mail?

This email arrived in my inbox several days after I received a postcard in my mailbox announcing this promotion. I like the tone of the subject line, the integrated marketing and the “wish you were here” message that works for both in-store and online.

Similarly, I recently received a beautifully designed magazine-style catalog from BCBG Max Azria that included an oversize inserted postcard announcing an online and in-store promotion. I will be eager to see if I receive an email, as well.


Subject line: Bonus Coupon!

CVS does a great job of extending me loyalty rewards via my mailbox, inbox and in-store via the Coupon Center. I like the personalization in the subject line of this email and the reminder that savings await me at the Coupon Center in-store. What I find a little surprising is that of the many products I’ve purchased at CVS, I have never purchased paper towels. This makes me wonder if this was a broadcast email (but with personalized subject line) sent to the entire list of loyalty card holders or if there simply wasn’t anything being promoted at this time that matched my purchase history.

How are you seeing retailers reach shoppers in interesting ways? Please share them with us.  

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