As SMS marketing continues to evolve, more and more companies are seeing the impact it can have on customer engagement and revenue. With 58% of people saying a text is the ideal way for businesses to reach them, it’s no surprise that nearly 98% of SMS messages get opened.

And when it comes to mobile messaging campaigns, the best programs no longer use a “one size fits all” strategy. Broadcast messages are still the bread and butter. But more retailers now see how automations and personalized messaging allow them to elevate SMS strategies to earn more (and better) engagement with customers — ultimately leading to a higher return. One particularly effective SMS personalization strategy is leveraging the power of Info Campaigns.

What is an SMS Info Campaign?

Have you ever wanted to deliver a quick piece of information to your customers – fast? Or send a recommendation based on their shopping habits? An Info Campaign is the perfect solution for sending relevant information like this to both mobile subscribers and prospects that is personalized to them.

Leveraging Info Campaigns in Your Welcome Series

Your SMS Welcome Series is crucial to nurturing your relationship with new subscribers, and it’s also one of the easiest ways to incorporate an Info Campaign. 

Based on your product categories, you can automate outreach asking your customers what they’re shopping for. When they respond, you can send them messages with links to your top products in those categories, which gets them browsing and engaging with your brand.

You can then leverage existing marketing assets or modify them to deliver mobile-exclusive content related to those categories, such as:

  • Buying guides
  • How-to videos
  • Blog posts

Not only is this a powerful strategy for delivering extremely relevant information for nurturing a purchase, but it’s an opportunity to learn more about the decision-making journeys and habits of your customer base to influence demand planning and resourcing.

Here’s a great example of what an Info Campaign looks like for a new subscriber:

When the subscriber selects their desired shopping category, you can send them category-specific information that will lead them down the path to purchase. And since this process occurs as part of your automated Welcome Series, you can ensure that you engage every new subscriber. No one gets left out.

What About Prospects Who Aren’t Subscribed?

SMS Info Campaigns clearly make sense for your subscribers. But did you know you can also trigger Info Campaigns to contacts who aren’t currently subscribed to your SMS program?

How do you do this while maintaining full SMS compliance? 

You can deliver a one-time message based on an inbound keyword. You may be familiar with this practice in text-to-vote campaigns, but it’s also a fantastic way to deliver relevant information that:

  • Answers questions
  • Provides product recommendations
  • Nurtures a purchase

Similar to the above example, you can set up keywords for anyone to text in and receive buying guides or top product recommendations. This is an especially efficient way to nurture the buying cycle if you sell luxury products with a longer decision-making period.

For example, a customer may see a sign in your store or an online ad prompting them to text in a keyword to your SMS account for more information about a product or category. When they complete that step (even if they aren’t a subscriber), you can send them applicable information that guides them to a more informed purchase.

Even though the prospect isn’t subscribed to your SMS program, you can still reach them with information to influence their buying process and impact their purchase decisions.

Ready to Get Started with SMS Info Campaigns?

By adding Info Campaigns to your mobile program, you can efficiently and effectively deliver relevant information to your subscribers and prospects to nurture purchases, answer questions, and improve customer service.

If you’re ready to start leveraging Info Campaigns to drive more SMS revenue, reach out to Listrak to schedule a demo of a proven, scalable text marketing and automation platform that delivers for 1,000+ retailers and brands. 

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