In our last post, we gave you some quick-win tips to amp up your triggered abandonment campaigns.

But we didn't want to stop with just your abandonment series. Below you'll find some quick tips to improve the results of your welcome series and win-back campaigns, too.

Target those Forgetful Freddies in your Welcome Series
Sometimes customers visit your site, see that amazing offer you’re serving up to new subscribers, and sign up again without realizing they’re already on your list. Many brands ignore those repeat subscribers and send them nothing. They’re already subscribed – why send them a deal, right? But what if we said that sending those existing subscribers another welcome message is actually a good idea?

Traditionally, most brands use their multi-message welcome series exclusively to target brand-new subscribers. But believe it or not, we’ve seen a dramatic bump in conversion rate and message revenue when you target those Forgetful Freddies who sign up again.

Think about it this way: you’ve got an active, engaged customer on your website who just asked to get emails from you. They’re shopping right now and you have the unique opportunity to speak to them directly. Since they’re already on your list, you don’t need to offer them the discount, but you want to make sure you don’t ignore them.

Here’s what we mean:

  • For brand-new subscribers, send two welcome messages. The initial message will welcome them to the list and send them the coupon code you offered. The second message can dive deeper into your brand by showcasing best-selling categories, brand differentiators, or social media engagement.
  • For existing subscribers that sign up again, send one welcome message. This message can just say, “Hey, nice to see you again! You’re already on our list, so thanks for that enthusiasm. Now go check out what’s new.”

Avoid the Point of No Return

A win-back campaign is your last-ditch effort to grab waning customers, so make it count! Your customer isn’t responding to what you’re offering day-to-day, so make this message extra special. Bump up that promotion and make the subject line really stand out in the inbox. Something like “Are you breaking up with us?” or “Here’s 20% off (because we really miss you)” would do the trick.

After you have the content all set, make sure you send the message at the right time. Don’t wait until after your buyer lapses – if you do that, they’re not coming back. Send this message right before your customers tend to fall off; 90-days after their last purchase is a good rule of thumb.

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