We hear a lot these days about “reducing friction” for shoppers. While achieving the effortless buy can manifest itself in infinite forms, my personal favorite is through some inspirational content.

You’re probably already used to seeing this in the fashion industries. Hi there, shopper. Here’s some shoes, a scarf, and a new dress. See how great these look on this model? Great! Here’s how you buy this look…

Yet we often ignore that this technique is by no means limited to fashion. Most brands sport an assortment of complimentary goods and there are plenty of great ways to showcase this outside the highly-effective “Product Recommended with This.”

Most customers, simply put, aren’t as imaginative as we’d like. They don’t have the familiarity to picture how your product or service would relate to their home, their wardrobe, or their life. It’s your job to paint the picture.

I’ve seen no finer examples than some emails I’ve received recently from three very different brands: Yoogi’s Closet, Things Remembered, and Viva Terra.

First, Yoogi’s Closet presents a very traditional approach to linking products together in a few cute outfits. Making matching easy makes purchasing email with this fashionable example.

For Things Remembered, they target a niche group (Groomsmen) to package an assortment of men’s products together in one themed email. While they still include isolated images of specific products, they use copy and a header image to successfully tie it all together.

Finally, in Viva Terra’s email, an eclectic mix is made cohesive by a superlative-themed non-traditional gift guide. This is a far cry from the typical fashion-based approach to connecting products, but is effective nonetheless. It’s great to see images that capture products in-context, as it provides more footing for relatability.

Have you seen any great examples you'd like to share? Let us know!

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