A well-known mobile accessories brand client deploys several Abandonment campaigns, including a three-message Shopping Cart Abandonment campaign and two-message Product Detail Page Browse Abandonment campaign. In addition, being familiar with its target customers’ buying habits, the client takes its abandonment remarketing one step further with a unique Page Browse Abandonment message.

Knowing that many of its subscribers visit the website because they have recently purchased or plan to purchase a new device, the client uses a clever Page Browse Abandonment email as an opportunity to educate them about its number one selling screen protection product.  

Visitors who land on any page of the client's website and then abandon receive an email a few hours later (if they have not received it within the past few months), which focuses on compelling statistics about screen damage. The email then drives the recipient to the product detail page for the company's industry-leading product.

The Page Browse Abandonment email accounts for more than 10% of the company's total abandonment campaign revenue, and together the Page and Product Browse Abandonment campaigns generate slightly more revenue than the company's Shopping Cart Abandonment campaign.

The key to the success of the Page Browse Abandonment email is in the sheer number of visitors who receive it. It goes to nearly four times as many subscribers as the Product Browse Abandonment campaign and 40 times as many as the Cart Abandonment campaign.

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