As more brands and retailers add SMS to their digital marketing suite, it’s increasingly important to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. While broadcast messaging to your full list of subscribers is the cornerstone of a successful SMS program, automated messaging can take your program to the next level.  

There are endless opportunities for evergreen, recurring broadcast campaigns to supplement one-off promotions and content. These are the campaigns that run on a regular frequency, whether it be weekly, biweekly, or monthly, that require little to no copy updates in between deployments. 

Through these messages you can easily promote:

  • Newest products
  • Best sellers
  • Limited inventory
  • Newly published content to blogs or social media platforms 

You can target specific segments of your list based on: 

  • Engagement or previous purchase behavior
  • Nurture newly-subscribed contacts
  • Send to your full list during peak season to encourage as much click-through to your site as possible

Within Listrak’s Workflow tool you have the opportunity to trigger SMS messaging based on activities like cart abandonment, purchase, and subscription among others. These messages can be prioritized alongside automated email campaigns to maximize reach across channels and include personalization and direct links to revisit a cart or manage an order. While there are some compliance considerations for triggers like cart abandonment, this type of messaging often produces higher overall levels of engagement and revenue per message. 

Once a subscriber joins your program you have an immediate opportunity to introduce them to your brand via text. You can share what to expect from your SMS program, deliver resources to help customers place their first order and even collect additional information like email address and birthday to position other automated solutions. 

If you’re delivering a welcome incentive for signing up to your SMS program, you can automatically target non-purchasers with a reminder of that incentive a few days after they’ve subscribed. You can hop on an email welcome journey to cross-promote subscription to the other channel and personalize messaging based on level of engagement.

In a post-purchase scenario, you can leverage SMS to encourage subsequent orders, leave reviews and redeem loyalty program perks. Propensity to purchase is generally highest immediately after ordering,  so triggering SMS alongside emails within a week of that activity is critical. This is separate from any transactional SMS you might be triggering which delivers specific order information and tracking.

Let Listrak’s automation tools do some of your work for you and supplement the calendar you’ve already built. Messages that are timed and targeted will earn you more engagement and more revenue.

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