2024 Listrak Cross-Channel Benchmark Report

2024 Listrak Cross-Channel Benchmark Report

Jan 2023 – Dec 2023 Listrak Data

Learn which email and SMS messaging campaigns really move the needle for retailers and brands.

Listrak's Cross-Channel Benchmark Report digs into the data from 2023 to reveal the highest performers and most compelling opportunities to improve engagement and increase revenue in Email and SMS.

Our 2024 report details Clickthrough Rates, Conversion Rates, and Revenue Per Send across 13 Email and SMS marketing campaigns critical to retailers. You’ll see the data and understand what the metrics mean and why they're impactful to your business. Plus, deep dive into data across 14 ecommerce verticals to identify your specific baselines.

In this detailed report, our experts share surprising insights, including:

  • Four intriguing 2024 predictions drawn from conversations with emerging brands
  • Which type of email yielded the highest revenue per send (and also crushed SMS metrics)
  • Three insights into the State of Retail in 2024
  • Key takeaways from a year of data (including an explanation of FOMO Marketing)
  • Which type of email saw a remarkable 70%+ growth in clickthrough rate year-over-year

…. and much more.

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