Robert Graham is an American-based luxury lifestyle brand offering sophisticated, eclectic head-to-toe clothing and accessories. It is a global brand, with stores and showrooms worldwide and a distinct online presence. Its creative digital marketing campaigns engage customers, promote the lifestyle and drive revenue. Robert Graham focuses on loyalty with its "Collector's Club", a loyalty program designed to engage and reward Collectors and provide a one-of-a-kind brand experience. As customers move through the four-tiered program, Robert Graham deploys automated messages through Listrak offering status updates, invites to VIP events, exclusive promotions and additional information.

Listrak helped Robert Graham transform its online and in-store business by focusing on growing its email list and delivering creative, strategic automated campaigns.


Acquisition and Engagement

Robert Graham increased its email list by 103.8% through multi-channel acquisition tactics, including a modal lightbox on its site, a signup form on Facebook and through POS and in-store forms. New subscribers receive a series of three welcome messages designed to make it easy for them to join Robert Graham's Collector's Club, touting a 2.24% conversion rate.

Robert Graham’s promotional messages use the same approach, putting the brand and lifestyle first. The messages drive traffic both online and in-store. Robert Graham uses ingenious tactics to invite customers to stores, including free valet parking, whiskey tasting, and even public appearances with its founder, Robert Stock, along with other sports legends and icons.  These promotional messages make up 86% of Robert Graham’s total email revenue.

The interactivity isn’t limited to store events. Robert Graham sends an award winning, interactive birthday greeting that has a 46.4% click-to-open rate and a 4.1% conversion rate even though the message, again, doesn’t feature products. This is a true testament to Robert Graham’s creativity and fan base.

Robert Graham Promotional Messages


Re-engaging Shoppers

Robert Graham’s cart abandonment rate is lower than the industry average at 69%. However, it is recovering many of those lost sales through two remarketing campaigns. The first is sent three hours after the abandonment and the second deploys two days later. With an 85.7% click-to-open rate and 22.38% conversion rate, the remarketing campaigns are recouping the lost revenue at an astounding rate!

After an online purchase is made, Robert Graham sends a thank you message eight days after the sale. Customers that don’t open that message receive it again two days later with a different subject line. Although the message is a simple thank you and is not promotional in nature, it has 11.4% conversion rate.

Focusing on loyalty and retention, Robert Graham sends a winback campaign to lapsed customers 120 days after their last purchase. Again, the message is resent two days later to non-openers. This campaign has a 6.3% conversion rate.

These automated re-engagement campaigns make up 14% of Robert Graham’s total email revenue. Based on the success of these triggered campaigns, Robert Graham will soon launch a Collector’s Club re-engagement campaign that will be sent to people who enrolled in the club but have not yet purchased.

Robert Graham 

Even though email is a traditional marketing channel, we try to be unconventional in our approach. Listrak gives us the flexibility and creativity we need – and it's working. Our email channel drives 33% of our eCommerce revenue, returning over $46 for every dollar we spend.

Naomi Holland, VP, Marketing, Robert Graham

Listrak is a much needed partner for our email marketing channel. The collaborative partnership, coupled with the kind of service that a client dreams of, is what makes Listrak stand out! Email is a critical revenue generator for Robert Graham and we have our Listrak account team to thank for the remarkable growth we experienced in this channel!

About Robert Graham

Robert Graham represents the American Eclectic lifestyle brand-where craftsmanship, luxury and style intertwine. As a true design house since 2001, they've been inspiring fashion by developing unique garment-making techniques and complex textile patterns. With eye-catching mixed fabrics, one-of-a-kind trims and stunning embroideries, Robert Graham embodies luxury at its finest. Visit to learn more.