Unified 360° Profile + Customer Insights

Listrak observes, collects and synthesizes data from disparate sources and at every touchpoint across the customer journey – both online and offline – to capture critical customer signals and links them to a single, 360 customer profile. Listrak CRM unlocks unified customer data through powerful exploration and visualization tools.

Unified 360° Profile

Understand and speak to your customers as individuals through a single unified 360° profile. Listrak continuously collects data and signals from all sources, channels and devices including anonymous identifiers. This data is synthesized to create a complete, living unified 360° profile that is essential to powering your marketing decisions and orchestration.

Listrak's Unified 360° Contact Card

Cross-Device Identification

Engage audiences across devices and never miss another opportunity to connect. From smartphones to tablets and desktop computers to wearables and IoT, listen to and retarget customers as unique individuals, not as separate persons. The unified 360° profile is constantly updated as new data becomes available regardless of device. Listrak uses deterministic and probabilistic cross-device tracking to connect disparate identifiers into a unique identity.

Eliminate data silos with a 360° customer view

Anonymous User Tracking

Observe, report and react to customers before they have provided a channel identity such as email or mobile number. Signals from anonymous identifiers are consumed and translated into the unified 360° profile once a linking identity path is made through continuous machine learning. This historical data allows you as the marketer to better personalize from the point of acquisition rather than starting from scratch.

Customer Response and Behavior Tracking

Understand your audience by following their actions to help you predict their next steps. Collect and unify data from disparate data sources such as a mobile loyalty app or usage data from an IoT device. From browse and engagement activity to purchase and lifecycle events, there are countless indicators pointing to where the customer is in their unique journey. Listrak will listen and respond to these individual consumer signals of intent, translating them into actionable touchpoints of communication for maximum impact.

Subscriber Acquisition

An ongoing acquisition strategy online and offline across devices, channels and platforms is imperative to boost revenue and grow your business. Listrak can help with a number of acquisition tools including on-site popups, email acquisition points, SMS keyword campaigns and social lead ads through Listrak Exchange. All can be customized to fit your brand and trigger new subscribers into strategic welcome series and nurturing campaigns.

Learn more about Popup Pro

Seamless Activation

Go from insight to action with a single click that empowers marketers to target, filter and trigger campaigns based on real-time customer behaviors.

Automated campaigns

Audience triggers mean no more manual imports

Find more customers

Push insights to paid search/social for cost-effective acquisition

Get mobile

Send targeted messages to the devices in their hands with SMS and push

Instant Insights

Over 70 out-of-the-box data visualizations uncover your best customers and what makes them so valuable.

Pre-built dashboards

Understand customer retention, acquisition and channel trends

Retail focused

The metrics and KPIs needed to help beat last year’s numbers

Exceptional value

Save money on consultants with insights you can use right away

  • New vs. Returning Customers Trend
  • Revenue Retention Cohort Analysis
  • Time Between 1st and 2nd Order
  • 12-Month Active Buyer Trend
  • Loyal Customers – Top Categories
  • Lapsing Customer Analysis
  • One-time vs. Repeat Trends
  • Full-price vs. Discount Shopper Analysis
  • And many more…

Featured Case Studies

With over 1000 retailers as clients, we are laser-focused on helping our clients drive results and exceed their goals. Check out some of our client success stories below.


Jonathan Adler

Required a vendor with an established Shopify Plus integration, plus a partner to help optimize and grow their digital campaigns through advanced CRM data insights.

Return on Listrak investment in thefirst six months
Overall return on Listrak investment

Soft Surroundings

Listrak Exchange Delivers Cross-Channel Engagement

“The manual process of importing and exporting data files was hampering our ability to quickly set up audience targeting, but Listrak Exchange was able to automate that process, removing a huge frustration for us.
Gail Buffington, VP of Marketing & Analytics
Lifetime email revenue growth
Lifetime list growth

Robert Graham

Focusing on "Collector" Loyalty, Robert Graham Boasts 33% of Total eCommerce Revenue from Email Marketing

“Listrak gives us the flexibility and creativity we need – and it's working. The collaborative partnership, coupled with the kind of service that a client dreams of, is what makes Listrak stand out!
Naomi Holland, VP Marketing
Conversion Rate
Post Purchase Campaign
Conversion Rate
Shopping Cart Remarketing Campaign
Listrak Exchange has been an immense time saver for my team. The manual process of importing and exporting data files was hampering our ability to quickly set up audience targeting, but Listrak was able to automate that process, removing a huge frustration for us.
Gail Buffington
VP of Marketing & Analytics

Seamless Integrations

Our platform integrates with all major eCommerce platforms. Listrak works with you like a trusted partner to ensure an expedited seamless integration. Our platform integrations include:

REST API – Our robust API lets you easily connect external systems to the Listrak platform

ERP Integration

CRM Integration

Web Integrations

eCommerce Platform Extensions (Magento, SalesForce Commerce Cloud, Shopify Plus)

Mobile SDK

POS Integration

PMS Integration

View our integrations and our platform partners

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Data Exploration

A powerful BI interface to dig deeper to understand the customer story behind the visuals. Build queries and reports with our point-and-click data exploration UI.

Data Your Way

Don’t settle for canned reports, get complete data access

Advanced Reporting Tools

Customize, pivot and filter queries with ease

Retail Customer Model

Purpose-built to help answer your most important questions

Predictive Analytics

Build smarter segments with machine learning propensity models that predict which action a shopper is likely to take.

Likelihood to Act

Use artificial intelligence to target contacts that are more likely to buy, open, click or churn

Affinity Models

Preserve margin with full-price buyers and find your best customers favorite products

Predicted LTV

Identify future potential earlier and treat customers like the VIP they can become