Growth Xcelerator Platform

Integrated identity resolution that increases conversion rates for otherwise anonymous visitors, amplifies trigger campaign results, and significantly grows your subscriber list – all full-service with no additional work from you.

Identify Anonymous Visitors

Experience an immediate impact that an enhanced onsite identifiable rate has to drive stronger engagement and produce dramatically higher levels of revenue. Leverage the GXP identity graph to take established channels, like email, and newer channels like SMS, to the next level.

Increase Onsite Conversion Rates

Deliver personalized onsite conversion rate optimization campaigns that feel like native elements of your website. Customers are engaged by onsite campaigns and rewarded with dynamic, single-use promo code to drive conversion – amplifying paid search and SEO efforts/spend.

Contractually Guaranteed Revenue

Guaranteed incremental revenue lift is proven through holdout testing.  We measure every onsite acquisition and conversion rate optimization campaign against control groups of your website visitors. This means we can understand who was likely to purchase regardless of the onsite campaign and, more importantly, how many incremental same-session conversions were generated by GXP.

Drive List Growth

With GXP, email and mobile acquisition accelerates as we serve more meaningful onsite experiences. GXP can tailor onsite campaigns so they’re relevant to each unique visitor without seeming obtrusive.

Supercharge Your Trigger Campaigns

More identified customers (via identity graph) means timely, relevant, personalized emails to more customers that leave the site. We also test lower funnel optimizations, like inventory alerts, designed to influence and expedite conversions for an additional incremental lift.

Fully Integrated Platform

Eliminate complexities of juggling multiple 3rd parties including disparate identity, Email, SMS platforms forcing you to sub-optimize(e.g. “who controls the entry pop-up on mobile?”) Listrak’s single integrated platform eliminates the confusion and resulting poor client experience.

Full Service

The Listrak team will handle everything from setup, strategy, design and implementation to optimization, analysis and ongoing reporting saving you precious time and resources.

Cost Effective

Don't pay exorbitant rates!  GXP is a fraction of the price of other vendors in the market. A cornerstone of Listrak culture is creating win-wins with clients.

We have a very lean team at OCM, so having a full-service product like GXP was invaluable. We have been able to effectively use our resources to drive incremental dollars.
Marcelle Parrish
CMO at On Campus Marketing

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