Programmatic Advertising

Listrak’s Programmatic Advertising automates the display ad buying process in real-time, showing each site visitor ads that are personalized to their on-site browse and purchase behaviors.

Programmatic marketing lets you reach site visitors – regardless of their email status - with dynamic display ads personalized to their site activity. This communication delivers efficient and relevant personal ads, reinforcing brand elements and aiding in purchase decisions to drive incremental revenue and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

  • Increase reachable rate to anonymous shoppers
  • Re-engage site visitors by serving relevant, personalized ads based on recently viewed or purchased merchandise and related products
  • Get accurate campaign reporting based on incremental revenue and ROAS
  • Complements the email and mobile channels
SMS Message Solution

Transparent Reporting

Listrak’s Programmatic Marketing Solution is an industry leader, reporting on incremental revenue lift and ROAS - not CPC or last click attribution models, which often account for accidental clicks.

Audience Automation

Greatly expand your marketing reach through acquisition, engagement and remarketing tactics in your paid search and social networks. The Listrak automation platform allows you to connect your email and customer database directly to your ad platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Google, streamlining creation time while ensuring all audiences are in sync and easily accessible.

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