Unlock your unified customer data through powerful exploration and visualization tools. Observe the complete Customer Journey. Access seamless integration within the Listrak platform to make insights actionable through segmentation, automation and orchestration.

Unified 360° Profile

Listrak CRM offers a view of all your customers across devices, channels and identities.

  • Purchase and Browsing History
  • Email, Mobile, Web
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Cross-Device Identification
  • Profile and Interests
  • Customer Analytics

Data Visualization

Out-of-the-box suite of Customer Analytics visualizations via a suite of pre-built dashboards, empowering you to understand and activate your customers.


Data Exploration

Seek the answers to your most important business questions. Go beyond pre-built reports and dashboards to explore and design custom visualizations using the drag-and-drop report builder with access to your complete unified 360° profile data.


Actionable Insights

  • Direct integration inside the Listrak platform
  • Seamless engagement allows you to design data-specific campaigns and trigger messages based on learned insights


Customer Analytics Dashboard

Truly understand your customers and gain insights into spending patterns, re-purchase cadence, and revenue analysis. Discover what percentage of total revenue comes from your most and least active customers.


Customer Retention Dashboard

Understand patterns and purchase activity within similar groups of customers, such as what percentage of your buyers become repeat customers, how many of your customers are coming back to make a purchase year over year and how much revenue is based on those retained customers.

Sales Performance Dashboard

Access an Executive Summary of sales performance providing a high-level view of your business and revenue performance over time. Gain a better understanding of channel performance on the bottom line.