Retailers currently using Listrak’s Personalization Suite to deliver individualized content and product recommendations to shoppers on their list already know the benefits of tailoring messages to each subscriber. The results speak for themselves- higher click-through rates, increased conversion rates and higher average order values - just to name a few of the metrics that we see impacted with a 1:1 personalization strategy in the email channel.

But sometimes personalization in email calls for strategies that address groups of people. Some of our clients have been taking advantage of Listrak’s dynamic content tool with great success. And now it’s even easier to integrate dynamic content into your overall email strategy with dynamic content in Listrak Composer. Easily choose segments of your list and assign tailored content and imagery all within our drag and drop email editor. If you haven’t yet incorporated dynamic content into your broadcast marketing sends or triggered programs, below are four strategies to consider to get you started.

Tailor Promotions to your Core Send Groups/Buyer Groups
Many retailers have core segments or buyer groups that they send to on a regular basis. When you have several different promotions to run in a single message, you want to tailor the content in the email to match previous shopping/buying behaviors to maximize engagement. Use dynamic content to select who should see what in their inbox. If a subscriber’s behavior shows they have no interest in a certain promotion you are running, the dynamic content tool will exclude that piece of content and scale the email appropriately. This helps to focus the message on the broader behaviors of the core send groups and helps to minimize distraction. Today’s consumer has an attention span of less than ten seconds- there’s no room for clutter.

Interest Level Hero/Lifestyle Imagery

Shoppers are looking to brands to show them how their products fit into their lifestyle. If a shopper can’t clearly understand the benefit or see themselves using your products, they aren’t going to buy from you. As a marketer, it is your job to show engaged subscribers how your product, service or offering can become part of their lifestyle. Make sure the imagery in your email speaks to subscriber’s preferences. Subscriber interests can be derived derived from self-identified preferences (i.e. Checking “Running” as an interest in your preference center) or from behaviors (i.e. Browsing only Running items) In either case, listen to what the subscriber is saying and show imagery that resonates. Ditch that one size fits all hero image every so often and watch your message engagement increase.

Category/Brand Level Call to Action
This is a great strategy to run in tandem with individualized product recommendations. Choose a few of your top categories or brands and target your subscribers who frequent them. Pair this with some 1:1 product recommendations and you will deliver a message that clearly shows that you understand your shoppers. Today personalization is expected, by millennials especially. Take some time to use dynamic content and create a few category level or brand level banners and match them to segments that browse or buy from those brands or categories frequently. This is also a great strategy if you have several new arrivals across your product offering. You can feature brand specific or category specific new arrivals to the groups who care the most.

Tailored Incentives
Not every subscriber needs 20%. Some might be enticed to convert with free shipping and others might need to be shown 30% before they purchase. To protect margin and still maximize conversion create a few incentives for your next promotion. Test a discount ladder based on customer and shopper lifecycle. Deliver free shipping to those shoppers who don’t need a huge push to buy from you again and only show the 20% + to subscribers who have lapsed in their behavior. The other less commonly tested strategy is to flip this concept on its head. Deliver the best offer to your best customers (and make sure to tell them- so they feel appreciated). Then try a mystery offer for the rest of your list.

Dynamic Content makes this all possible within one message and with one click of the send button. With Dynamic Content in Listrak Composer you deliver fully responsive, dynamic and personalized emails with ease.