Shine Brighter this Holiday Season

It's never too early to start planning for the holiday season.

Our online toolkit will help you build a successful email strategy that will keep your customers engaged and buying before, during and after the holiday season. Check out our collection of resources below to get started.


Episode 12: The Holidays are Over, Now What? Making the Most of Post Holiday Sales

A discussion on what to do after the holidays to keep your sales momentum and customer engagement.

Featuring Account Managers Paul Corey & Cherrill Hartman

Episode 11: Using Technology to Drive In-Store Sales

A discussion on ways to utilize technology in brick-and-mortar stores to increase holiday revenue.

Featuring Co-Founder and CEO Ross Kramer & Chief Brand Strategist Ryan Hofmann

Episode 10: Engaging the Last Minute Shopper by Standing Out in the Crowd

A discussion on ways to engage the procrastinator shoppers of the season with unique campaign strategies.

Featuring Account Managers Ryan Ogurcak & Kyle Newton

Episode 9: 911! How to Prepare for the Emergencies of the Season

A discussion on tactics to prepare your team for emergencies this holiday season.

Featuring Account Managers Kara Surrena & Kaye Peloquin

Episode 8: How Can I Maximize Sales Using Our Wishlists?

A discussion on the benefits of wish lists and how you can use them to increase sales this holiday season.

Featuring Account Managers Matt Lindley & Rick McKinney

Episode 7: When Should I Send on the Big Days of the Holiday Season? And How Often?

A discussion on when to send your messages during the holiday season and how frequently.

Featuring Account Managers Gabe Ramirez & Leah Craig

Episode 6: Using Inventory Levels to Maximize Sales and Acquisition

A discussion about how to use low inventory and surplus inventory to acquire new shoppers while selling more to existing customers.

Featuring Account Managers Heidi Winterowd & Shane Thomas

Episode 5: Using Last Year's Data to Build Your Holiday Plan for 2015

A discussion about leveraging your data from previous holiday seasons to inform and direct your plans for 2015.

Featuring Account Managers Rachel Clark & Charley Detwiler

Episode 4: 40% of Shopping Begins in October; How to NOT Wait Until Black Friday

A discussion on what steps to take so that you can start holiday planning early this year.

Featuring Account Managers Katherine Brown & Rachel Douglas

Episode 3: I Can't Discount! How do I Stand Out from the Discounting Crowd?

A discussion on a challenge that arises for retailers who cannot discount during the holiday season. Listen as we cover our top ten tips for standing out from the discounting crowd.

Featuring Account Managers Julie Wahl & Irene Lynch

Episode 2: How Much is Too Much? Building your Sending Cadence for the Holiday Season

A discussion on how often to send during the holiday season and how to ramp up your sending cadence before the holidays.

Featuring Account Managers Maura McKendry & Tatum Albert

Episode 1: Building Campaigns that Speak to your Shoppers: Personalizing During the Holidays

Strategies for personalization during the holiday season and building retail campaigns that speak to your shoppers.

Featuring Account Managers Leslie Kubicki & Haleigh Larsen

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