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Case Study:

With twice as many conversions and four times as much revenue, Listrak’s AI-driven campaigns prove that predictive personalization strategies out perform traditional broadcast messages. Every time.

Yon-Ka Paris understands the importance of personalization. Since 1954, it has offered multi-sensorial skincare products in leading spas worldwide and online through its e-Commerce site. Yon-Ka sought a high-touch and personal marketing experience aligned with its corporate goals: combing nature, science and expertise to provide a holistic and tailored experience to each and every customer. Listrak delivered.

With Listrak’s AI-driven campaigns, Yon-Ka Paris could:

  • Deliver dynamic, highly-personalized self-learning and self-optimizing messages automatically
  • Increase engagement and generate sales
  • Maximize productivity – the dynamic, automated messages streamline campaign creation time

The Challenge

Yon-Ka Paris built its business providing tailored skincare products to individual customers. All products balance natural ingredients with the latest scientific break throughs lead by their skincare research team. With customers worldwide, they needed a marketing partner who shared their vision.

Listrak was a natural fit. Our solutions combine artificial intelligence, self-learning predictive algorithms, and actionable analytics from our Artificial Intelligence Suite with the actual intelligence, experience, and expertise of Listrak strategists to produce automated advanced segmentation, predictive content, and optimized interactions. Messages are authentic and relevant to each customer.

From the beginning of the relationship, Yon-Ka utilized Listrak’s AdvancedSegmentation features to deliver the right product recommendations and messages to customers. And while these tactics worked, the promotional-forward messages didn’t fully align with the authenticity Yon-KaParis clients expect.

The Solution

Listrak recommended adding supplemental emails with recommended content from Yon-Ka’s blog using its Predictive Content Solution. These weekly messages kept customers engaged, driving traffic to the site. And, even though the messages didn’t feature any products, customers purchased once on the site. These emails delivered twice as much revenue as the product-heavy ones.

Based on the positive response, Listrak suggested combining tactics to drive even more revenue. The new messages feature the perfect combination of personalization strategies:

  • Dynamic Coupons – The emails feature a special offer tailored to customers by average order value and recent email engagement. Increase engagement and generate sales
  • Predictive Product Recommendations – Listrak ingests and responds to millions of individual consumer signals, then through machine learning algorithms, delivers data-driven, personalized products to influence the unique customer journey towards the path to purchase.
  • Predictive Content – Listrak applies natural language processing to foster increased engagement through content personalized to each customer. Blogs, guides, articles, videos or other site content can be automatically matched to personal interests, then delivered dynamically.

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"By employing Listrak's personalized solutions, we have not only been able to save time, but also have experienced increased traffic, engagement and revenue. What's more, it is helping us achieve what many brands are seeing - more personal relationships with our customers."

Brittany Boykow, Digital Marketing Manager, Yon-Ka Paris

See for yourself the dfference Listrak’s Predictive Personalization Suite can make.