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An exclusive partnership to help businesses drive revenue growth

Listrak Solutions for UPS® Customers

Think of it as "growth oxygen" for customers. Listrak’s exclusive partnership with UPS provides revenue growth opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Our easy-to-use platform makes it simple to acquire, reach and convert new customers. From small business merchants, to enterprise-level commerce brands, Listrak provides UPS-negotiated specialized pricing and packages that grow with your business. Customers may be eligible to purchase Listrak Solutions through the UPS® Digital Connections program.

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With Listrak, UPS Customers can:

Drive more sales

Maximize revenue and drive conversions through our automated platform. Grow your Listrak solution package as your business grows.

Reach more customers

Acquire new subscribers and add new customers with website pop-ups and welcome emails.

Increase brand loyalty

Utilize customer data to enhance engagement with highly targeted and relevant messages.

Track results

Utilize easy-to-view reporting and analytics to track customer engagement and ROI.

Why Listrak?

Highest Reigning Revenue Generator

Create Personalized One-to-One Messaging

Segment Subscribers & Deliver Relevant Messaging

Why Listrak + UPS together?

Foods & Gifts

Sporting Goods

Automotive Supplies

Ammo & Firearms

Special Pricing for UPS Clients

Please reach out to your UPS rep or for more information regarding Listrak pricing.

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